Bee Max Macau

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PEUGEOT 306 MAXI EVO2 '98 Monte Class Winner

Agile conqueror, mountain mastery, rally supremacy in '98.

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Senna's triumph, precision ballet on Monaco's streets, iconic Lotus legacy.

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Classic speed, Honda prowess.

HONDA CIVIC EF3 Gr.A '89 MACAU GUIA RACE: Dominance on Macau's challenging circuit, racing heritage.

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Iconic design, turbo power

BRABHAM BT52B '83 EUROPEAN GP VER: Victory symbol, F1 excellence, unforgettable era.

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Scale 1/24

Realistic details, moderate size, diverse models, professional collectible, showcasing real car charm. Precision replication, a miniature masterpiece for car enthusiasts, blending aesthetics and collectible value.

Scale 1/20

Moderate size, realistic design, collectible, unique models, eye-catching appearance, showcasing the charm of real cars. Exquisite craftsmanship, an ideal choice for collectors and car enthusiasts to appreciate and display.

Scale 1/12

Grand size, incredibly realistic, professional collector’s item, intricate detailing, exquisite appearance showcasing the true essence of real cars. Unique design, a perfect representation of automotive excellence, an ultimate choice for collectors and car enthusiasts.

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